TINO® basic

Autarkic Positioning & Tracking Unit
by Rosenberger and CE+

Product Features About Rosenberger and CE+

Be on track with TINO® basic

TINO® basic – Positioning & Tracking Unit – is a battery-operated system for determining location by means of GPS and transmission of the position data to a portal via GSM/GPRS.

Energy self-sufficient

No external energy supply necessary with 6000 messages per battery set.

Ruggedized Design

Temperature range from -40° C up to +85° C with IP67 protection.

Always available

Web-Portal for easy access to all positioning data.

Easy installation

Thanks to mounting plate.


Rosenberger and CE+

Telematics Solutions from a Single Source

Rosenberger has been engaged in the field of telematics as well as in M2M communication since 2011. To be able to provide customers with complete systems consisting of both hardware and software, Rosenberger has taken shares in the telematic company CE+, located in Timelkam, Austria. Rosenberger mainly contributes its design, engineering, manufacturing and sales activities around the globe to the partnership.

The CE+ Company is already well-established in the market with a number of successful telematics projects and a fully developed software and service platform.

Thus, CE+ and Rosenberger will be able to provide customers with bespoke solutions from a single source.

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CE+ GmbH

Timelkam, Austria

CE+ has focused, up to now, on the design and development of an industry-specific service platform for its autonomous telematics system. This enables positioning, tracking and sensoring of various objects, e.g. vehicles, machines or containers.


CE+ is listed on the top suppliers list of telematik-markt.de
since 2012 and has won the telematics award in 2012 and 2014.

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH

Fridolfing, Germany

Rosenberger is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of controlled impedance and optical connectivity solutions, system components for mobile communications networks, data centres and test & measurement as well as high voltage contact systems.

The Rosenberger group operates manufacturing and assembly locations in over 10 countries as well as a global sales network.


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